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Born in Charleston, SC and raised in Mt.Washington, KY. I've kept the name EpyonXL since I can remember, just do a quick google search of the name and you can pretty much track my internet history throughout the years. Yes, the name Epyon is from Gundam Wing and I've considered changing it to something more original but in argument I felt like I kind of revived the name in a way, so it's here to stay.

What I do:

Programming, Web Development, Photo Manipulation, Level Designing(I know autocad as well), Modeling, Texture Mapping. Just about anything there is in the development of software or video games, and digital art. Be warned I am not a talented artist by hand :P but throw me on a computer and all is well.


Anime, gaming(of course), paintballing, bboying(aka breakdancing, I wish I had more time 4 it), reading, traveling, and my amazing girlfriend Chrystal :)

For additional information and contact goto: www.myspace.com/epyonxl or email me at epyonxl@gmail.com

picture of me and my grandfather

: Dario(grandfather) and myself :

Chrystal ^_^

: Chrystal(gf) :

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